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Mission Viejo Prestressed Concrete Inspection & Post Tension

Are you looking for a Prestressed Concrete Deputy Special Inspector in Mission Viejo? We can help! Searching for a certified Prestressed Concrete Deputy Special Inspector has become more of a challenge due to the difficulty in achieving the accreditation through the International Code Council. Thankfully, here at Deputy Special Inspections Mission Viejo, we are certified and knowledgeable in the prestressed concrete field. We have completed the rigorous training and many hours of training in order to obtain the ICC Prestressed Concrete certification. Don’t hesitate in communicating with us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (949) 616-8287 for a free Deputy Special Inspection Prestressed Concrete consultation in Mission Viejo California!

The Importance of Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed concrete is a category of reinforced concrete in that is greatly prestressed or tensioned during construction. It is a structural building procedure that undergoes calculated engineering strains to be placed in settings for load compensation. This is a combo of the high compressive strengths of concrete and the high tensile strength of steel when tensioned. This method was first implemented in the late-nineteenth century by a French civil structural engineer by the name Eugene Freyssinet, in such a manner that it increased concrete support against tensile forces that occurred during use. Since then, the prestressed concrete system has only become common and used globally.

Deputy Special Inspections Mission Viejo are acquainted with the two categories of prestressed concrete which is pre-tensioned and post-tensioned. A mono-strand (each strand of wire is stressed individually) or multi-strand (all wires or strands in a tendon are stressed simultaneously) can be tensioned according to approved project specifications. Tendons can be positioned either in concrete or entirely outside of the concrete. While pre-tensioned concrete uses tendons directly incorporated in the concrete, post-tensioned concrete can be used either option. We will discuss a bit more of this to give you and any potential clients that are reading this an awareness of what prestressed concrete is.

Mission Viejo Deputy Special Inspections Pre-Tensioned Concrete

Pre-tensioned concrete is a category of prestressed concrete where the tendon strands are stressed prior to placing concrete in forms. When the concrete cures entirely with tendons still under tension, the dead-end anchoring of these strands are released and seated causing the tension to be shifted to the concrete. Pre-tensioned concrete is most commonly used for the fabrication of slab floors, balconies, structural beams, lintels, water tanks, concrete pipes, etc.

Pre-tensioning is a standard prefabrication process where a concrete segment or portion is made remotely and transported to a site and assembled once cured. This allows various sections to be built from start to finish which can be very suitable in settings where cast in place concrete and post tensioned operations are not realistic.

Mission Viejo Deputy Special Inspections Post-Tensioned Concrete

Post-tensioned concrete is another form of prestressed concrete where the tendons are tensioned after concrete has been placed and completely cured. It is vital that concrete must reach a minimum psi (usually stated in the general notes on the approved structural plans) before stressing to prevent any damage of freshly installed concrete or any potential danger of fatally injuring nearby workers or pedestrians. In order to verify that concrete has achieved a minimum psi, concrete cylinder samples are cast during placement. These same samples are taken to the lab and tested after a minimum of 8 hours of curing. We are aware that some projects request early breaks in order to stress, strip forms and start building the next portion of their project. We at Deputy Special Inspections Mission Viejo are equipped and capable to provide you these services.

Stressing Procedures for Deputy Special Inspections Mission Viejo

At Deputy Special Inspections Mission Viejo, we know that whether it be prestressed, pre-tension, post-tension or soil nail stressing, calibration sheets are to be shown prior to work being started. You can rely on us to get your project inspected right the first time!