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Deputy Special Inspection in Mission Viejo, CA

Looking for a Mission Viejo reinforced concrete deputy special inspector for your current or ongoing project? Well, look no further! Here at Deputy Special Inspections Mission Viejo, we are here to aid you with all your reinforced concrete deputy special inspection needs. We are certified through the International Code Council and experienced in reinforcing steel inspection of single-story residential homes to commercial projects to high rise structures and bridges built from the ground up!

Reading city approved structural plans and understanding standard codes can be challenging, from complex foundation plans to vague reinforcing steel details. That’s why at Deputy Special Inspections Mission Viejo, we can help! We are skilled in interpreting approved plans and building code so you don’t have to. Don’t hesitate in contacting us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (949) 616-8287 for a free consultation!

We understand that Deputy Special Inspectors are to be certified individuals by the ICC that provide either continuous or periodic onsite inspection duties to ensure that work is being built per approved plans not only for structural integrity but for public safety. It is our goal to do nothing less than help build the best structures in accordance with approved plans and specifications when it comes to reinforced concrete deputy special inspections!

Does Concrete Need to be Reinforced with Steel?

Some might ask, “Does concrete need to be reinforced with steel? Is this really important?” Reinforced concrete is essentially steel implanted within freshly mixed concrete, either by rods, bars or mesh, in a way that the two materials, when properly cured, bond together in resisting loads and forces. Reinforcing steel, if installed per approved plans, absorbs the shear, tensile, and sometimes the compressive loads in concrete that is reinforced with steel. Concrete that is not built with reinforcing steel may not withstand these forces caused by earthquakes, winds, vibrations, and other movable forces. Therefore, it is vital that concrete is to contain reinforcing steel to safeguard a structure is securely built.

Although reinforced concrete has been recorded since age of the Roman Empire, the expansion of this type of building was not internationally recognized until the 19th century. Concrete and reinforcing steel have developed into one of the world’s most common building components today. When correctly and accurately built per the approved plans and specifications, these reinforced concrete structures can allow the members to withstand these stresses over significant lengths of time.

What a Deputy Inspector Needs When Arriving on Job Site

When a deputy inspector arrives on a jobsite, the first thing he needs from a contractor or client are the city approved set of structural plans. It is vital that an inspector receives these approved plans in order to perform his job. The inspector will first need to see what type of reinforcing steel is to be installed. Anywhere from the foundation plans to the general notes, we at Deputy Special Inspections Mission Viejo are very comprehensive when it comes to special inspection criteria. We ensure our clients are getting the most of what they are paying for and that contractors are not taking any shortcuts. Once reinforcing steel details are located on the plans, we ensure that all steel is installed per approved city plans with precise bar sizes, spacings, clearances, cleanliness of bars or footings, rebar is free of excess rust, etc.

Once inspection is concluded, a detailed report is submitted to the contractor or client stating whether work has been installed per plan or not. Don’t hesitate in contacting us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (949)616-8287 for a free consultation!